Sustainable and eco-friendly practices are of key importance to businesses of the Rick Fenny Group.

The group has invested heavily in renewable energy at its All Retreats locations.

The Ocean Park Aquarium in Shark Bay is home to one of the largest private solar power installations in Western Australia at a cost of $1.2M. The system generates 273kWh of energy each day - enough to power 20 suburban homes. This electricity powers the park's lighting and pump systems, as well as a reverse osmosis desalination unit for generating fresh water.

Other eco-friendly initiatives at Ocean Park include:

  • Collection and storage of rainwater to augment the desalinated water
  • Use of a windmill to prime pumps and also act as a giant vacuum cleaner of display ponds
  • Use of energy-efficient fridges and freezers which consume 65 per cent less power than conventional units
  • Technologically efficient pumps and filters that reduce energy use

Maitraya luxury retreat in Albany features a solar array to supplement the power requirements of the residence. Heating of the residence is assisted by the central atrium and a windmill pumps water to an elevated tank providing gravity fed water pressure.

The Aviator's Cottage at Maitraya is fully self sufficient, using solar power, rainwater and wood fired heating and cooking to be a shining example of sustainable and responsible tourism in Western Australia's South West.

The Pets and Vets vet clinics actively contribute to animal welfare causes and support Ocean Park's wildlife rehabilitation efforts.